Making homemade meals a habit

From grocery shopping assistance to easy-to-follow instructions, Pursuit's science-backed methodology aims to change the way people think about cooking, one meal at a time.

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Food is 2.5x stronger in preventing disease then leading pharmaceuticals.

Our mission

Pursuit's mission is to empower individuals and communities to live healthier lives through equitable habit solutions.

90% of shoppers are health-motivated but need guidance to turn that motivation into action.

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How it started

Sisters Eva and Olivia Weinstein are on a mission to make healthy eating easier. Their journey started when they were young. They grew up with a working, single parent and witnessed first-hand how limited bandwidth can make a healthy lifestyle difficult to maintain.

They believe that better health can be achieved by creating simple, healthy eating habits. After years of research, experimenting, and working with clients, they came up with a solution. They created Pursuit, a technology that makes healthy eating easy in the short-term while training your brain to make healthy foods your default option.

Meet the team

The Pursuit team is women-founded with over 20 years of collective industry experience.

Olivia is a dietitian and teaches cooking skills in a hospital. Eva spent years helping to get medical devices on the market. Through their experiences, they know current health care solutions don't always work. In partnership with their friend, Julia Larson, they identified the easiest and most delicious cooking methods. Julia tested, filmed, and photographed every cooking skill to help our users easily prepare meals.

Olivia Weinstein, co-founder of Pursuit

Olivia Weinstein

Co-Founder & CEO

Olivia is a Registered Dietitian (RDN) and has a master's degree in nutrition science. She is the Director of Culinary Nutrition at one of the largest hospitals in New England and consults for other health systems. She is an expert in behavior change and has 10+ years of experience innovating food as medicine solutions in healthcare and community settings.

Olivia has a bachelor's degree in business management and healthcare economics. She founded her first company in 2014, gaining the skills and knowledge to effectively bring ideas to fruition.

Favorite Pursuit meal? "Lemon Garlic Pasta because it's a quick, one-pot meal."

Eva Weinstein, co-founder of Pursuit

Eva Weinstein

Co-Founder & COO

Eva has spent the last 5+ years working with startup and early-stage medical device and biologics companies.

With a background in clinical operations, regulatory affairs and quality systems, she has extensive experience managing cross-functional teams, product road mapping and commercialization, as well as hiring and growth planning.

Favorite Pursuit meal? "Vanilla Granola with Yogurt - it's crunchy & sweet."

Julia Larson, co-founder of Pursuit

Julia Larson


Julia is a Project Manager in Clinical Research at a large hospital in Boston.

She has over 5+ years of experience in project management, content development and consumer engagement. She has expertise in staff onboarding and benefits, staff management and hiring practices.

Favorite Pursuit meal? "Hearty Braised Stew with Grains because it's warm, flavorful, and filling!."